Real Estate Joint Stock Company is a provider of construction services for civil construction and industry: – Construction of housing: Apartment, Villas, Townhouses etc … – Construction of commercial buildings: Restaurants, Hotels, Office, Headquarters Company, showroom … – Construction of Works as: Kindergartens, Schools, Public Health, Public Works Sports – Culture … – Construction of […]


Dismantling works, painted houses

The demolition is our supervision by workers not only have experience in the field of demolition, but also to understand the basic principles of construction. First of all we studied physics and design work needed to find alternatives demolition appropriate trinhbang though the concrete, steel or wood, the inside it also focuses more domestic resources […]


Design house according to Feng Shui

1. Feng Shui for beautiful homes Feng shui seriously address the top gas, because gas will address decisions that land has been good for the development of the list of wealth, health or not. If that land that has “emanation” that is, when it is necessary to neutralize the soil before construction gas. If the […]