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20’ Dry ContainerSpecification
    image001ExternalWidth2,440 mm8 ft
Height2,590 mm8 ft 6.0 in
Length6,060 mm20 ft
InteriorWidth2,352 mm7ft 8.6 in
Suitable for commodities in bundles, cartons, boxes, loose cargo, furnitures, etc.Height2,395 mm7 ft 10.3 in
Note: Specifications may vary slightly according to manufacturer.Length5,898 mm19 ft 4.2 in
DoorWidth2,340 mm92.1 in
Height2,280 mm89.7 in
Cubic Capacity33.2 cu m1,173 cu ft
Tare Weight2,200 kg4,850 lbs
Max. Payload28,280 kg62,346 lbs
Max. Gross Weight30,480 kg67,196 l


40’ Dry ContainerSpecification
image002This is the most common container size for storage or transport of high volume goods. Like other dry containers suitable for commodities in bundles, cartons, boxes, loose cargo, furnitures, etc.

Note: Specifications may vary slightly according to manufacturer.

ExternalWidth2,440 mm8 ft
Height2,590 mm8 ft 6.0 in
Length12,190 mm40 ft
InteriorWidth2,350 mm7ft 8.5 in
Height2,392 mm7 ft 10.2 in
Length12,032 mm39 ft 5.7 in
DoorWidth2,338 mm92.0 in
Height2,280 mm89.8 in
Cubic Capacity67.6 cu m2,389 cu ft
Tare Weight3,730 kg8,223 lbs
Max. Payload26,750 kg58,793 lbs
Max. Gross Weight30,480 kg67,196 lbs
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